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The company SPG ENERGY, s.r.o. is the part of limited liability group SLOVAK PROPERTY GROUP, a.s. that consists of companies which function in the field of real estate, energetics and tourism. The keynote of the limited liability group is to bring new, valuable implementation of the ideas that improve the environment and lives of people. Projects that we have been implementing in the group, are bringing innovative and progressive solutions, that have longterm asset into the regions where they have been placed.

The attention of the group is currently focused mainly on the part of Central and Eastern Europe. Some of the most important projects of the group are:

- preparation, building and operation of fotovoltaic power stations
- preparation, building and operation of biogas stations
- energetic centre
- development and production of energetic sources
- energetic assessing of communal and hazardous waste
- the largest amusement park in Central Europe
- residential and recreational projects in Tatras

SPG ENERGY, s.r.o. was founded to cover the activities of the group in development of energetic facilities in field of alternative and renewable energetic sources, energetic assessing of waste, electromobility, research and development of energetic sources.

At present, the highest priority of the company is the preparation and implementation FVE projects. The projects are being prepared or implemented in Romania, Ukraine and Poland.

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